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GRACE® Products
Quality. Reliability. Responsibility.
GRACE® Products are top quality lubricants that comply with or exceed the requirements of leading manufacturers of equipment and vehicles.
The main purpose of Grace Lubricants Company is to meaningfully and comprehensively respond to Customers needs for lubricants that have moderate prices and conform to quality and environment safety international standards.
Grace Lubricants Production
High Dynamics Technology (HDT).
Lubricants are manufactured at a Certified Technical Oil Modification Unit based on unique High Dynamics Technology.
Fully automated production allows to yield up to 100 tons of finished oils per day.
A tank farm at a production site allows to store up to 200 tons of finished oils.
GRACE Test Program
Reliable protection. Extended service life.
GRACE Lubricant performance test program provides a measure of accomplishable oil replacement intervals and wear element content and additives.
The use of GRACE Lubricant performance test program permits practically to confirm high quality of oils used in the Customer’s vehicles under actual operating condition and identify financial benefits gained from such use of high tech and reliable products as well.