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GRACE Lubricants is a manufacturer of technical oils and fluids of premium quality for automobiles, power-operated and heavy duty equipment; the Company also manufactures oils for industrial equipment under its own brand «GRACE».

GRACE products follow world quality standards thanks to direct deliveries of high quality base oils from Russian and foreign plants..

For production the best additive packages are used by such companies as Lubrizol, Afton and other world leading manufacturers.

Base oils used by the Company make it possible to produce mineral-semisynthetic, synthetic- based lubricants.

For production of GRACE products base oils of the IV-th (poly alpha olefins) and the V-th (compound ethers) groups are extensively used, thus significantly improving oil lubricating efficiency; wide temperature range of operation is provided for, i.e. there is an ability to operate under extremely low and high temperatures; and oxidation stability is maintained.



Lubricants are manufactured at a Certified Technical Oil Modification Unit based on unique High Dynamics Technology.

HDT is s result of Grace Lubricants many years of work. HDT technology advantages:

This method may be called as «bipolar» technology, i.e. «double» technology that results not only in blending of ingredients (base oils and additives at the molecular level which enhances the blend homogeneity) but products gain positive charge at the Unit outlet improving adhesion in such a way: oil moves towards friction surfaces thus forming a hard oil film.

High adhesion and hard oil film provide unique protection against wear and extended useful life.

To achieve such properties of lubricants many leaders of this industry use additional additives. Thanks to HDT technology GRACE lubricants significantly exceed the requirements of standards and tolerances of world manufacturers of machinery and equipment while maintaining the most competitive prices.



In house laboratory is equipped with all necessary equipment to provide incoming and outgoing control of feedstock and products; it allows to conduct valid tests of all basic typical characteristics.

Core business of GRACE test laboratory is as follows:

  • Quality analysis of raw materials incoming for production – 100% strict incoming control over all main parameters
  • Product quality monitoring at all process phases and verification of compliance of finished products with the Specification requirements
  • Development of Specifications (TU) for new products.

Customized solutions

Customized solution or unique development? Grace Lubricants completes customized orders. Unique formulation of special oils and fluids enables to satisfy the highest expectations of our Customers.

The Company’s science and engineering department will either develop pilot lots to the Customer’s specific needs or will optimize the existing material.

Following a comprehensive review of the Customer’s tasks and operation conditions of the equipment, the Plant specialists will offer a solution to extend the equipment service life and intervals of oil replacement, thus saving time and money of the partner.

Customized solutions