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About products

Grace Lubricants makes a wide range of lubricants, more than 100 names of technical oils and coolants. At the Customers option lubricants may be packaged in various containers: 1 l, 4 l, 5 l, 20 l cans; 180 kg metal drums; 1,000l plastic cubes.

GRACE products are distinguished by:

  • High efficiency
  • Compliance with the most stringent industry standards or they exceed them
  • Competitive prices.

More than 500 goods items enable Grace Lubricants to meet at maximum Customers needs for high quality lubricants.

GRACE products are produced based on in house unique HDT technology; the products are subject to tests under severe and extreme conditions of operation; the Company covers its own products by insurance issued by Renaissance Insurance insurance company.

Motor Oils for Passenger Vehicles

GRACE Lubricants offers a wide range of premium quality motor oils for passenger cars, including synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils, oils for high mileage vehicles, oils for gasoline and diesel engines, turbocharged, gas engines and sports cars.

GRACE high-quality oils are designed for the most modern passenger cars, light trucks, small vehicles and vans of European, American and Asian production.

Meets or exceeds applicable warranty requirements for the latest API SN, ACEA 2016 and ISLAC GF-5 classifications. Developed in accordance with the requirements of the world's leading car manufacturers.

"GRACE Motor Oils for Passenger Vehicles" brochure"
Oils for Commercial Vehicles

GRACE high performance mixed fleet lubricants for Euro I, II, III, IV, V and VI engines are designed for heavy duty applications.

GRACE commercial vehicle products are manufactured for European, American and Asian diesel, gasoline, propane and/or CNG engines in both on- and off-highway vehicles. The range includes mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils, oils with a high base number, low-ash oils (Low-SAPS technology), as well as seasonal and oils for engines with high mileage.

Correspond to modern world standards and requirements of leading equipment manufacturers, including MAN, MB, Scania, Renault, Volvo, or exceed them.

"GRACE Motor Oils for Commercial Vehicles" brochure"
Multipurpose Oils for Farm and Construction Equipment

GRACE Lubricants offers a full range of lubricants designed for agricultural machinery and machinery: universal all-weather tractor oils of STOU, UTTO class and universal hydraulic transmission fluids according to TO-4 specifications. GRACE oils can be used simultaneously in various oil systems of agricultural machinery, depending on the class.

Multipurpose oils reduce the amount of products that must be stored in the warehouse, minimize the risk of filling the oil system with the wrong product, and also provide reliable protection for equipment components.

The GRACE product range for agriculture is designed to meet the requirements of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

"GRACE Multipurpose Oils for Farm and Construction Equipment" brochure"
Oils for Mechanized and Gardening Equipment

GRACE Lubricants offers lubricants specially formulated for various garden and agricultural equipment: lawn mowers, trimmers, cultivators, generators, motor pumps, mini tractors, gasoline and electric hand saws, as well as for winter equipment.

Contains high-performance additives that increase extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics, which ensures reliability and long engine life and clean internal surfaces.

The GRACE oil series - GARDEN and CHAIN ​​- provide reliable protection for garden and agricultural equipment and guarantee trouble-free operation even under the most difficult operating conditions.

"GRACE Lubricants for Mechanized and Gardening Equipment" brochure"
Marine oils

The GRACE Oceanic series of oils are high quality engine oils designed for use in all categories of boats, trunk and crosshead. They provide effective lubrication of both main and auxiliary diesel units installed on ships of the river, fishing and marine fleets.

Designed to meet the requirements of leading manufacturers of marine power plants and auxiliary equipment.

Marine oils GRACE Oceanic have high lubricating properties, effectively cool the rubbing parts of engines, such as pistons and cylinders, reduce the formation of solid deposits on parts, and are easily separated from water during separation.

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Transmission Oils

GRACE gear oils are represented by a fairly large assortment, consisting of several lines:

  • GRACE GYP, UNIS and EP-4 - oils for mechanical transmissions, axles and differentials;
  • GRACE ATF - oils for automatic transmissions;
  • GRACE CVT - oils for continuously variable transmissions (variators).

The range of GRACE gear oils includes mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic oils designed for use in cars, trucks and special vehicles.

"GRACE Industrial Oils" brochure"
Industrial Oils

GRACE High Performance Lubricants for Industrial Equipment:

  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Turbine oils
  • gear oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Guide oils
  • Spindle oils
"GRACE Coolants" brochure"

The range of GRACE Lubricants contains coolants: antifreeze and antifreeze, covering all the needs of consumers. They are used in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, as well as in agricultural, heavy and special equipment.

Designed for use as a coolant and heat transfer fluid in internal combustion engines, whether they are made of cast iron, aluminum or a combination of both, as well as in cooling systems made of aluminum and copper alloys.

GRACE coolants guarantee fast and high-quality cooling of working internal combustion engines of any vehicles.

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